About us

We are a Craft and Novelty online shop. The name of our shop says it all. We carry all premium and quality brands of craft tools and materials for all your DIY projects. We also carry unique products which will not only amaze you but you will find very useful and may be considered investments since you may not only use it for personal projects but also for business purposes.

We are certified craft-a-holics who aim to show our co-crafters the new amazing tools and other supplies out there. We aim to supply our clients with the best quality tools and supplies for all your crafting needs from home decorating, souvenir and card making, baking, events styling, printing, etc.

We are located at a place where creativity and art is encouraged. 

We went into business 2009 without a physical shop and just selling through a website and through social media. Back then, we only catered to a niche market. Online shop then was not a full e-commerce website. Website was made to showcase our products but customers were not able to pay online. Now, on our new website, customers are now able to pay directly through our website via PayPal.We then decided to put up a shop in 2014 to make our products more accessible to more customers. 

Our products are not limited to what is available on our website. As mentioned, we carry almost all known craft brands out there. A specific brand would have a wide array of products. In this regard, we are making all products accessible to our customers through pre-order. Customers may pre-order those items which are sold out or are currently not in stock. We offer pre-ordering in two options: two weeks or 45-60 days arrival option. For those items not on our website nor in our social media pages, customers may let us know of the items by specifying brand and item name and we will check items' availability.

CNSS Craft and Novelty Shop is ran by a one man all around entrepreneur. 



Just few of our brands